Bumble Boosters: Pollinator Education and Conservation


Pollinators impact us every day. One third of the food we eat is derived from insect-pollinated plants with the most significant pollinators being bees. Many of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that we eat are a result of bee pollination. Indirectly, bee pollination also affects many other foods.

Bee-pollinated alfalfa and clover plants fuel the range-fed livestock industry that provides us with meat and dairy products. In addition to our food supply, bees pollinate flowering plants that beautify our landscape and provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Since 1999, Bumble Boosters has partnered with public and private organizations to encourage the conservation of bees and other invertebrate pollinators. The primary mission of Bumble Boosters is promoting the benefits of pollinators and public science literacy through engagement in authentic research with native pollinators. A unique aspect of Bumble Booster programming is the use of innovative, research based teaching methods and the use cutting-edge technologies.

Recently, Bumble Boosters has expanded its reach to promote pollinator conservation and education internationally, partnering with citizen scientists across the Northern Hemisphere. Bumble Boosters seeks to put the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the forefront of innovative approaches to engaging international partners in pollinator education and conservation efforts.

Bumble Booster's mission is to improve public engagement in pollinator conservation and PK-Adult science understanding through engagement in innovative and diverse pollinator education programs.

Bumble Boosters goals include:

  • Public engagement in pollinator conservation programs
  • Development of innovative, educational research supported pollinator conservation programming
  • Educational research focused on improving systems thinking and scientific literacy in PK-20 students and non-science professional adults
  • Development of scholarship in practical and effective use of emerging technologies to facilitate science learning

There are many ways to get involved in Bumble Boosters programming. Search this site to learn more about current programs.

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