Emergence Dates and Preferences

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Queen Emergence Dates


Below is a list of bumble bee nest location preferences. Information for a few North American species is known.

Check out these links to see the species in your area: North America (East) (West) and World

Species Nest Location Preferences
Subterranean Nests
Bombus affinis
Bombus auricomus
Bombus bimaculatus
Bombus borealis
Bombus fervidus
Bombus impatiens
Bombus rufocinctus
Bombus ternarius
Bombus terricola
Bombus vagans
At-ground Level Nests
Bombus bimaculatus
Bombus fervidus
Bombus griseocollis
Bombus pensylvanicus
Bombus perplexus
Bmobus rufocinctus
Bombus vagans
Species with Limited Data
Bombus ashtoni
Bombus citrinus
Bombus fernaldae
Bombus fraternus
Bombus frigidus
Bombus insularis
Bombus sandersoni
Bombus variabilis